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Sweet & Savory Rustic Pies


hey there!

I’m Morgan, but many call me Mo. I’m a home baker, trained not by chefs or culinary instructors, but by the women who raised me - my mother, nana, and aunts. It’s a fact I’m proud of. My love, value, and understanding for food was born in their kitchens. Sweating through the heat of a Texas summer and a hot stove is where I learned my love language – feeding people.

Which is exactly what I want to do for you.

I make sweet and savory rustic pies. (Some fancy bakeries might call them galettes.) Over the years, these little pies became my go-to. I baked them for celebrations and simple weeknights alike, perfecting my dough recipe and trying new flavors. Now, I want to share them with my community of Long Beach and all around Southern California.  

I bake from my home kitchen in our beautiful neighborhood of Rose Park. I love new friends, so get in touch about any and all things - pie related or not! 


I can't wait to bake for you.